De ketelmannen

De ketelmannen is een nieuwe film van René Houwen bij Schaftkipfilms.

met o.a. Jan Kuipers (1943-2014 †), Bo Ongering, en Nanette Edens

“On the little island of Schiermonnikoog, near the Dutch Northern coast, lives an old hermit-like man. He has not showed his face in the village ever since his wife died. His only link with the outside world is his eleven year old granddaughter, who visits him every day to bring him food and walk his dog.

The old man is sick and does not have much time left, but he does not dare to tell his granddaughter. He’d rather tell her exciting stories.

One day, the dog runs away.”

Première za 26 sep om 16:30uklik hier 

De ketelmannenNEdens